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Foyle Women’s Aid launches its new website

Foyle Women's Aid is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website today. Technology has moved on since we last created our site, both in terms of the Internet and the devices we use to access it. As such, we have gone to great lengths to ensure our website is fully responsive and accessible to all people—it will adapt for any device it's viewed on and the content will always remain accessible and in front of the user. Of course, being a website, this redevelopment is seen as a new starting point for how we serve those who need help—not an endpoint. We hope to add much more content in the coming months and continue to gain feedback from those who use our services. If you have anything you would like to share with us or a suggestion on how we can improve our service, please feel free to contact us.

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Online Guardian covers domestic violence

The UK's online arm of the Guardian newspaper offers a dedicated resource to domestic violence coverage. For those of us working to help those suffering domestic violence, this is a fantastic up-to-date resource of information and news that's worth bookmarking. Their entire 'society' area of the website covers related subjects on children, young people, equality and rape. Check out the domestic violence section now.

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Google Translate integrated into Foyle Women’s Aid website

Foyle Women's Aid has recently integrated Google Translate directly into its website. It was imperative that we cater as much as possible to those in our community who do not speak English as their first language, as domestic violence doesn't discriminate between communities—it's a universal problem. The translation feature appears at the top of the website on all pages, and users can choose which language they prefer to view the site content in.

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