Foyle Women's Aid generic flower imagePurpose and Vision

We exist to eliminate abusive behaviour by supporting all victims of abuse, through awareness raising and preventative educational initiatives.

We will create a centre of excellence that leads in partnership working to develop and sustain non-violent healthy communities in the North West.

Values, Ethos and Beliefs

Our work is underpinned by an ethos of self help and mutual support, for women, with women, by women.

Foyle Women’s Aid is a value based organisation, prioritising respect, understanding, shared learning, trust in clients, providing a non-judgemental service and challenging negative and stereotypical attitudes and beliefs surrounding domestic abuse. Foyle Women’s Aid values self-help and aims to enable clients to help themselves. ¬†Furthermore, it promotes both the rights of women and that of people in general.

We believe that:

  • with support, women can survive domestic abuse and make positive changes in their lives.
  • with support, children can survive domestic abuse and move positively into adulthood.
  • the most effective method of safeguarding children is to protect mothers.
  • domestic abuse is complex and can be best tackled by inter-agency working.
  • domestic abuse is a¬†violation of the human rights principle, that we are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
  • domestic abuse is a direct consequence of the unequal position of women in society and if discrimination is left unchallenged, abuse against women will continue.
  • by actively promoting equality and diversity, we can build a society where domestic abuse is unacceptable.